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Since the SAT and YOS tests (regardless of the limited centers of the YOS test in Iran) do not have a center in our country and candidates often choose Turkey for this purpose…

Study in Türkiye

In addition to having several top-ranked universities, many of which offer study programs in English, Turkey also has other universities and colleges that are recognized in other parts of the world. If you are interested in going to Turkey for your undergraduate degree,…

State universities

The public universities of Turkey are highly competitive due to the provision of good educational quality and more suitable tuition fees than the private universities of this country, and they generally recruit students through the SAT or YOS tests and in some cases the GPA and age requirements. Among the top public universities of Turkey based on national and international rankings, we can mention the Middle East Technical University and Hajt Tepe (METU) in Ankara and Baghazi University in Istanbul.

Private universities

Contrary to popular belief, many private universities in Turkey have a very high quality of education, so much so that some of them appear in the list of top universities in the world. It should be noted that the way of admission to private universities in Turkey is different from the public universities of this country, and most of them are possible without the need to participate in SAT or YOS tests and based on age, GPA, or in some cases entrance test and interview. Sabanci and Koç Universities in Istanbul, and Bilkent University in Ankara are among the best private universities in Turkey.

Approved universities

Universities in Turkey, regardless of whether they are public or private, may be approved by any of the ministries of science and health. Therefore, every year a list of approved universities is published by each of these ministries, and after completing their studies in an approved university, Iranian students can participate in the equivalency test and continue their studies in Iranian universities. continue

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What does the YOS test do?

This exam is required for undergraduate studies in most public universities in Turkey

What are the parts of the YOS test?

In general, math, intelligence and geometry sections

How many marks is the YOS test?

YOS score is calculated out of 100

What is the focused YOS test?

Centralized YOS of Turkey or TR-YOS is a way of holding an exam that instead of each university holding its own independent exam, Turkish universities accept students through a coordinated exam.

Is the SAT only valid for studying in Türkiye?

no SAT is an international test that can be used for studying in Europe and especially in America.

At what stage of university education is the SAT used for admission?


In what range is the SAT score defined?

The final score of the SAT is the sum of the scores of the language and math sections and is in the range of 400 to 1600

What is the appropriate score to get admission in medical and dental fields from public universities?

Although this score is different for admission to different universities, it can be said that obtaining at least 1400 is necessary for this purpose

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