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SAT School specialized institute started its professional activity in 1396 solar year by offering specialized SAT courses which before that were done in a scattered and decentralized manner.

Gradually, with the increasing demand for studying in Turkey, it was decided to cooperate with well-known experts and teachers of YOS (Turkey's internal entrance exam). This cooperation, after the initial planning, started the training courses at Seth School. With the passage of time and by the grace of God, many efforts were made to complete the services of the institute, until today we at SAT School are proud to provide comprehensive education services in Turkey, from training, registration and test tour in Turkey to We are with you, dear ones, for exclusive advice on choosing a field and university, and the application process, and even after the admission process. We are also happy that with the cooperation of one of the most reliable and professional student sending institutions, with an official license from the Ministry of Science, we have been able to provide the safest and closest route for educational migration to other countries, including Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Hungary. Let us introduce those who are interested in studying in these countries from school to university.


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