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The YS exam is a comprehensive exam for high school graduates who are considered as foreign nationals of Turkey. Based on the scores they get in this test, people can choose a field to enter Turkish universities. In fact, this test is like the national entrance exam. Due to the importance of passing the YOS exam, many courses are held for those interested to improve their knowledge and increase the chances of passing this exam. Many institutions conduct YOS training courses. In this article, we are going to check what features the YOS exam preparation course should have and what services the SAT School offers you in this field.

YOS courses of Set School Institute

US training courses at Set School usually last about 6 months and include nearly 500 hours of training. In addition to teaching different parts of mathematics, geometry, intelligence, logic and problems, at least 25 stages of simulated tests are held in each course by expert professors in each field, which is accompanied by analysis and solving problems in different parts. One of the special features of these courses in Set School Institute is the possibility of trial participation in the sessions before making a final decision to enroll, so that the quality of holding and presenting the sessions and educational content can be evaluated before investing.

>> The possibility of trial participation in the class << >> Payment of tuition in installments <<

Other features of these courses should include continuous support until the participants achieve their academic goals, which is actually gaining admission to a desired university, which means registering for the exam without pay, preparing the exam tour in Turkey after the course is completed, After announcing the results of the exam and finally the application process will be done by the institute so that all the students focus only on learning and preparing for the exam as much as possible. Another advantage of the many benefits of participating in these courses is the possibility of paying the tuition in several times to facilitate the participation in the classes and the movement of those interested towards their educational goals.

YOS face-to-face course in Karaj

The good news for the residents of Karaj is that from now on YOS class applicants in this city can use SAT School’s YOS courses in person and without the need to travel a long distance. These classes are held in a calm and completely professional environment so that the participants can concentrate and learn as much as possible. We know that some applicants are always looking for face-to-face training and this way they can have a better interaction with professors and other students in the class.

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Participation in the YOS exam preparation course

People who try to pass the YOS exam, it is necessary to get a minimum score of 90. By obtaining this score, they can choose majors in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and all bachelor’s degrees. The score of this test is used to enter Turkish public universities. You should keep in mind that the test is held once a year.
According to the above, the positive impact of the YOS exam preparation period for passing the YOS exam cannot be ignored. But the question is, what are the characteristics of a good YOS training course? In the following, an attempt has been made to express the characteristics of a good class.

Example of math teaching in YOS course

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SATSCHOOL course details and topics

More than 500 hours of training and analysis of past tests including math, intelligence, geometry, problem and logic
Free Turkish language training package

The possibility of trial participation in the YOS course
YOS group course - August 1402

Mathematics, geometry, intelligence, logic, problem and gift package of Turkish language education
25 mock tests and analysis / registration and test tour in Turkey, exclusive advice on choosing a field and university, apply, etc. / Tuition (online): 30 million Tomans / Tuition (in person): 42 million Tomans
The possibility of paying tuition in three installments

Geometry topics of YOS course

Parallel and diagonal lines / angle in a triangle / special triangles / bisector and median / similarity and area in a triangle / parallelogram / rhombus, rectangle and square / trapezoid / circle / coordinate geometry / volume / vector

Passwords / sequences / operators / operators in shapes / tables / numbers / graphs / perimeter and area / shapes

According to the mathematics chapters 1:
Unity and Factoring (Chapter 5 of Metropol) / Power (Chapter 3 of Metropol) / Radical (Chapter 4 of Metropol) / Number (Chapters 1 and 2 of Metropol) / Equation of the First Degree (Chapter 7 of Metropol) / Inequality of the First Degree (Chapter 8 of Metropol) / Absolute value (Chapter 9 of Metropol) / Proportion ratio (Chapter 6 of Metropol) / Sets (Chapter 11 of Metropol) / Collocation (Chapter 14 of Metropol) / Operator (Chapter 14 of Metropol) / Function (Chapter 13 of Metropol) / Cartesian multiplication (Chapter 12 Metropol) / Logic (Chapter 10 Metropol) / Probability and Binomial Distribution (Chapter 15 Metropol)

Math topics 2:
Polynomial and division (Chapter 1 Metropol) / Quadratic equation (Chapter 2 Metropol) / Determining the sign (Chapter 3 Metropol) / Parabola (Chapter 4 Metropol) / Trigonometry one (Chapter 5 Metropol) / Trigonometry two (Chapter 6 Metropol) / Complex numbers (Chapter 7 of Metropol) / Logarithms (Chapter 8 of Metropol) / Range of special functions (Chapter 10 of Metropol) / Limit of one (Chapter 11 of Metropol) / Limit of two (Chapter 12 of Metropol) / Derivative (Chapter 13 of Metropol) / Application of derivative ( Chapter 14 Metropol) / Matrix (Chapter 18 Metropol) / Integral One (Chapter 15 Metropol) / Integral Two (Chapter 16 Metropol) / Integral Three (Chapter 17 Metropol) / Sigma-Base-Geometric Sequence (Chapter 9 Metropol)

How much does it cost to study in Türkiye?

Studying in Turkey has different costs depending on whether the university is public or private. In general, it can be said that the annual tuition fees of English-language public universities in Turkey are between 450 and 1500 US dollars, and this figure for Turkish-language public universities is between 240 and 1500 US dollars.

By obtaining the appropriate YOS score, which is different for different universities and fields, it is possible to study in many fields, including dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing, engineering, economics, law, art, etc. from universities that have this They offer courses and get admission. Based on the trend observed in recent years, it seems that students are more likely to continue their studies in dentistry and medicine than in other fields.

Despite the relatively low costs of studying in Turkey, the universities of this country have a very good reputation at the world level. So that out of about 200 universities in Turkey, the names of 17 universities appear in the list of the first 1000 universities in the world. Among the top universities in Turkey, we can mention the universities of Koçh, Sabanci, Bilkent, Atilim, Baghazichi, Istanbul Technical University, Hajat Tepe, Middle East Technical University, and Economics and Technology University. It should be noted that many universities in this country are approved by the Iranian Ministry of Science.

Why is the SAT School course unique?

SAT School has designed fixed and floating courses, taking into account the potential limitations of the audience in allocating and providing time and money, so that it is possible to benefit from pre-planned training sessions or sessions with a relatively flexible but continuous program and with The same content should be provided.

Our training courses include SAT and YOS courses, regardless of content differences, in addition to teaching subjects, they include mock tests and analysis of tests and solving students' problems.

Frequently asked questions about YOS

What does the YOS test do?

This exam is required for undergraduate studies in most public universities in Turkey

What are the parts of the YOS test?

In general, math, intelligence and geometry sections

How many marks is the YOS test?

YOS score is calculated out of 100

What is the focused YOS test?

Centralized YOS of Turkey or TR-YOS is a way of holding an exam that instead of each university holding its own independent exam, Turkish universities accept students through a coordinated exam.

Is it necessary to participate in both times of the exam for admission to public universities?

no If you get a good score in another round, you don't need to take the exam in another round

What score is good for admission in medical and dental fields of public universities?

Score above 90

Is it possible to study in Turkish universities without the YS exam?

Yes, either through the SAT or by passing to private universities without an exam

What are the advantages of SAT School courses for the participants?

First, we guarantee the quality of training, so if you do not get the desired result in February, our training will be free for you until April. Second, we provide all the services required after the course, from registration and exam tour to special advice on choosing a field and university and applying for you at a minimal cost.