What are the age requirements for studying in Türkiye?

شرایط سنی تحصیل در ترکیه

Studying abroad is a dream that exists in the minds of many young people today and sometimes older people, but the question that arises is, which people can study abroad under what conditions? Or better to say, what principles and rules do study abroad need to follow? And who do these rules include?

As a person who intends to study in another country, you have many questions:

Which country is the most suitable for continuing education?
Does my desired country teach my favorite subjects?
How is the education system in this country?
What are the living conditions in the desired country?
Will I have the right to work while studying?
Can I easily communicate with the language and culture of that country?
What is the cost of living in that country?
Do I have the ability to stay away from my family and living environment? And… many other questions

Therefore, in this article, I tried to review the laws and issues related to studying in Turkey. Studying in Turkey may be the choice of many people because this country is almost close to us in terms of geography, language and culture, and we can communicate with people there better than in European countries.

تحصیلات در ترکیه

education system

In general, the educational system of the countries are almost similar and close to each other, but it is possible that they differ in some cases. The educational system in Turkey is almost similar to our own country, so that after high school, you have to start an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree, and the bachelor’s degree in Turkey is a 4-year course like Iran, but those students who They are in technical and professional fields, they must complete a 2-year associate course. Trainings in Turkey, like in our own country, are held both face-to-face and virtually and at night. After the bachelor’s course, we also have a master’s course, which requires passing the senior entrance exam to enter this course in Iran. However, students in Turkey can enter the master’s degree by passing the ALES exam. The conditions for students outside of Turkey are that they have to give the last academic degree i.e. diploma-bachelor’s or master’s degree that they have obtained in their own country to a reputable institution such as the Ministry of National Education of Turkey, and if approved, other documents required for registration. Submit their names to the desired university. Since the degrees issued in Turkey are considered valid degrees and even some Turkish universities are equal in terms of prestige and value to universities in European countries, one of their important factors for attracting students is having a high grade point average. So, in order to have the opportunity to study in Turkish universities, it is necessary to get a high average in your courses.

مدارک تحصیلی در ترکیه

Age requirements for studying in Türkiye

Every country’s educational system has its own rules and applicants must follow these rules to study at any level. In the Turkish education system, the age of students and foreign students applying to study in this country is determined and we can say that their conditions are almost similar to our own country. For example, high school students should be between 14 and 18 years old, and the minimum age to enter university is at least 18 years. Master’s degree students are from 20 and above, and the minimum age to enter the doctoral degree is 24 years old. In fact, this determined age range is the best possible way to spend the education period, so that every person can pass these steps and enter the job market on time.

What is academic chat?

Sometimes, a situation arises for a person that he may not be able to continue his studies at these designated ages for any reason, for example due to financial reasons – entering the labor market – fatigue – inappropriate mental conditions and many other cases. This is called academic chat. So, in fact, the academic gap is the interval between receiving your last academic degree and your re-enrollment for the new academic course. This academic interview usually has a specific duration and the duration is different for each country and university according to the level of education. For example, 2 to 3 years are considered normal for participation in the bachelor’s degree, and 5 years are acceptable for a higher degree, i.e., a master’s degree. But if this study break is even more than the usual and normal condition that was said, it does not mean that you can never continue studying in another country, of course, it is possible for you to continue studying, but you must do so with evidence and The required documents justify the reason for this interruption so that you can get your desired study visa. Another point that I wanted to share with you is that this academic discussion is usually very important for European universities. In the case of a country like Turkey, the academic interview is not very important in the student admission process, but on the other hand, you have to go through other steps such as admission to Turkish universities.

گپ تحصیلی

The effect of age on choosing a university

One of the things I should mention is that your age may have an effect on the university you choose; for example, in Turkey, to enter the university, a test called the YOS test is conducted, and the most important condition for participating in this test is That you have at least a diploma. Of course, if you managed to get a diploma at a younger age, there is no problem and you can still participate in this exam. But your age can affect your admission in this field. In this way, if you are younger (18 years old) at the same time as someone who is older than you (for example, 30 years old) and you both have the same passing result in the YOS entrance exam, you have a higher chance of being accepted by the university. you have

In the end, I will mention some examples of medical universities in Turkey that do not have age restrictions.

  • Bahce Shahir University
  • Marmara University
  • Endocose Mayes University
  • University if
  • Ankara University
  • Ataturk University
  • Istanbul Beylim University
  • Galatasaray University


final word

Studying abroad may seem difficult, but it is a dream that, if realized, can open a wonderful future for you; In this way, in addition to gaining the experience of an independent life, you will have a good social status and you have guaranteed your future career.


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