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شرایط تحصیل در ترکیه

Due to its climatic conditions, geographical location and culture almost close to Iran, Turkey attracts many immigrants every year both for work and education. As you know, in all the countries of the world, the best and most reliable way to migrate is educational migration. In Turkey, like Iran, the education system includes three main stages: primary, secondary and higher education. For people under the age of eighteen, free education is provided. and education at this age is compulsory by the government. To study in universities, students can apply to public and private universities in Turkey through entrance exams or admission by educational institutions. In the following, we will talk about the conditions of studying in Türkiye.

Examination of tuition fees in Turkish universities

The cost of studying in Turkish universities varies according to the conditions of the university and field of study. For public universities, the tuition fee is almost one-tenth of the tuition fee in private universities. In private and public universities in Turkey, only the tuition fee is charged and you will not pay additional fees for obtaining documents and other matters. Turkish universities are divided into two categories. Universities with an entrance exam and universities without an entrance exam and private universities where you can continue your studies in any field of your choice.

هزینه تحصیل در دانشگاه های ترکیه

What are the age requirements for studying in Türkiye?

For public universities, the age requirement for bachelor’s degree is 18 years, for master’s degree is 20 years, and for doctorate is 24 years. But in some private universities, this age is different and you can register in these universities until the age of 45. So depending on the conditions of the university, the age conditions are different.

What are the conditions of average in Türkiye?

One of the important factors for continuing education in Turkish universities is the GPA requirement. The higher your GPA is, the more chances you have of getting accepted without any problems. Keep in mind that this GPA will vary according to your field of study.

مزایای تحصیل در ترکیه

What are the benefits of studying in Türkiye?

Studying in Türkiye has many advantages. Asian European culture and civilization has made this country attractive. In terms of international relations and the credibility of Turkish universities, the level of higher and advanced education, excellent amenities, the validity of degrees obtained from these universities for immigration to European countries, the possibility of 100% employment after graduating from Turkish universities, the low cost of tuition compared to European and American countries, the closeness of the culture of the people of this country to the people of Iran, the similarity of the diet and lifestyle similar to Iran are some of the things that people choose this country as their educational destination. do it and after that you will succeed in obtaining Chalishma Izni and be counted as one of the citizens of this country.

Documents required for registration in a Turkish university

After applying to the university for registration, you have to pay the deposit and after that you will be issued an acceptance letter. But before that, you must deliver the documents to the university. To enter a university in Turkey, students must prepare documents and submit them to the university. Also, to enter some universities, students may be admitted through the national registration system. Even with the entrance exam, study conditions in Turkey are easier than in other European countries.

In the following, we name these documents:

  • Having a passport valid for six months
  • Presentation of two pieces of 4×3 photos
  • Submission of the acceptance letter of your desired university
  • Providing an insurance policy for the student
  • Submitting a document related to your claim of financial ability for the expenses of at least one year of your
  • education.
  • Paying for academic accommodation
  • Providing evidence of no bad background of the candidate
  • Providing a medical certificate for the health of the volunteer

مدارک موردنیاز برای تحصیل در ترکیه

final word

In this article, we talked about the conditions of studying in Türkiye. Turkey is one of the best educational systems in the world due to having more than 180 universities and colleges and more than 3000 educational programs. Students in Turkey can study both in Turkish and English. People who have not succeeded in obtaining a language certificate, do not worry. They can take the courses offered by the university; participate and raise their language level to the desired level. In general, the conditions of studying in Turkey for people who intend to continue their studies; It is very excellent and reasonable.

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