How to study in Türkiye with a diploma + zero to one hundred

تحصیل در ترکیه با دیپلم

If you intend to immigrate to study or if you want to study in prestigious and quality universities, the easiest way for Iranians is Turkey. Because the university admission conditions are much easier. On the other hand, many of us like to study and live in European countries, but we do not have the conditions to immigrate directly to these countries and we are looking for a launching pad. Because entering European countries has tougher terms and conditions. It is better to know that in Turkey you can enter universities in prestigious and approved European universities, even in difficult and top fields such as medicine, dentistry, or engineering fields without entrance exams. Regarding the study and internship opportunities of European universities, it is possible in undergraduate and graduate courses with a diploma. If you find out about the study and work conditions in Turkey, maybe your main destination for immigration will be. You can immigrate to European countries and start working by obtaining valid degrees from Turkish universities. In this article, we are trying to discuss the conditions of studying in Turkey, the cost of studying in Turkey, introducing Turkish universities.

تحصیل در ترکیه

Requirements for studying with a diploma in Türkiye

It is possible for people who intend to continue their higher education in Turkey. To continue studying in Turkey, you should pay attention to the fact that a degree equivalent to a diploma is necessary and mandatory. A degree equivalent to a diploma is a degree that shows; Your high school diploma is equivalent to a Turkish high school diploma. Therefore, in order to study in Turkish universities, you must send the application documents from the universities along with other documents that we will mention below, and if you have an entrance exam, you will receive a passing grade. The documents required to enroll in Turkish colleges and universities with a diploma are:

  • application form
  • Educational records and related documents
  • Acceptance letter from university
  • Diploma or diploma equivalent
  • Language certificate or language score obtained at the university
  • Proof of payment of the application fee in the amount of $35 to $100
  • Financial guarantee letter

There are many universities in Turkey that accept students in undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees. Most universities in Türkiye are approved by the Ministry of Science and Health of Europe and Iran. Due to the fact that medical and dental fields and other top fields in Iran require passing Iran’s difficult entrance exam and getting accepted in universities is a dream and aspiration for applicants of these fields. By choosing universities in Turkey, this dream will come true, even after receiving your degree, you can even return to Iran and work in your favorite job. Turkey, due to its proximity to Iran, the cost of education is relatively cheap and high-quality, and having scholarships Iranian students are welcome to study. To enter each of these universities, the admission requirements may be different. Some universities have an entrance exam for admission and the candidate must get a passing grade. But some universities do not have an entrance exam. In the meantime, the GPA condition also affects admission. High school transcripts are required in most universities.

تحصیل با دیپلم در ترکیه

How is the Turkish scholarship with a diploma?

Scholarships in Turkey are awarded to candidates who meet the requirements of studying in Turkey with a diploma. The scholarship includes university tuition fees or even students’ living expenses such as accommodation, transportation, etc. Scholarships include the following:

  • A scholarship provided by the organization concerned with the students.
  • Scholarships offered by universities and international institutions.
  • A scholarship provided by the Turkish government for volunteer students.

The amount of the scholarship will be different according to the university and entry requirements, degree and field of study. Some of these scholarships include travel expenses if it is 100%. For international applicants, scholarship in Türkiye is also a necessary condition. All international students can study for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey.

Visa with study in Türkiye

Turkey is a fairly European and civilized country that has attracted international students from all over the world. While living and studying in Turkey, you will be exposed to a different experience and Asian European culture. It is a combination of dual culture, food and customs. If you have a diploma and intend to continue your studies in Turkey, you must first obtain a visa for this country. After receiving the admission form from the university, you can take the necessary measures for Turkish residence. An issue that may occupy the minds of many applicants. Accompanying visa is for family. Visas are also allowed for companions. If you have a spouse or children under the age of eighteen, you can also get a companion visa for them for two years.

شرایط تحصیل در ترکیه

final word

In this article, we talked about how to study in Turkey with a diploma. As you know, Turkey is one of the countries that has made progress in the field of education and has attracted many immigrants. We hope this article was for you.

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