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"SAT" is an international test designed by the American College Board Institute and is usually held 7 times a year in the months of Dec, Nov, Oct, Sep, Jun, May, Mar and in different countries of the world. The SAT test generally includes two language and math sections and evaluates the applicant's reasoning skills. The certificate of this test is used for admission to many colleges and universities in the world. According to the latest changes, the international SAT test is held in computer or digital form.

SAT courses
in the specialized institute sat school

*Speech of the founder of SAT School specialized institute*

I am Ashkan Motazadi, born in 1361 in Tehran. Although I had found the passion for education since my early teenage years and from the taste of teaching to my peers, and many times I imagined myself as a "teacher" in the classroom, after going through preliminary education and being influenced by the prevailing atmosphere at that time I decided to choose the field of "Civil Engineering" in the university and it was after studying in this field and entering the job market that I realized the inconsistency of my internal tendencies and job requirements to the extent that after 5 years of engineering work experience in an affiliated company At the age of 27, I changed my career path to Tehran Railway and Urban Services Engineering Company and focused on teaching English, which I had been doing part-time before. Although this decision brought me sharp criticism from people around me and severe financial pressure for years, it paved the way for my growing growth in the field of education and personal development.

Today, in SAT School specialized institute, in addition to advancing our educational goals, we have committed to be knowledgeable and compassionate advisors for you dear ones so that your precious years will not be the price of your wrong academic decisions.

Be persistent and victorious
Ashkan Motazadi

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Different forms of holding courses

  • Online SAT course
  • SAT group classes
  • Private and semi-private SAT classes
Frequently asked questions

Why are SAT School courses unique?

Another feature of this course is the teaching of a unique book written by the collection teaching group using the best SAT resources, including
College Board Official
Critical Reader
Barron's SAT
Peterson's SAT
And the Khan Academy site mentioned. In this book, an attempt has been made to cover all the topics used in the SAT test.
It is worth mentioning that more than 700 questions are included in the mentioned book, which can be considered as a good source for students to practice. It should also be added that students who register to enter the SAT classes will receive a suitable study program through training and will be regularly supported and guided by the educational support. Obviously, this support will continue until the end of the course. After completing the course and registering for the exam, they go to Turkey with a team of students and teaching staff for the exam and receive full support from the exam to university admission and residence in Turkey.
We have learned from experience that strong training and effective and continuous support are two important factors in creating growth and desired results.

How much does it cost to study in Türkiye?

Studying in Turkey has different costs depending on whether the university is public or private. In general, it can be said that the annual tuition fees of English-language public universities in Turkey are between 450 and 1500 US dollars, and this figure for Turkish-language public universities is between 240 and 1500 US dollars.

By obtaining the appropriate SAT score, which is different for different universities and fields, it is possible to study in many fields, including dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing, engineering, economics, law, art, etc. They offer courses and get admission. Based on the trend observed in recent years, it seems that students are more likely to continue their studies in dentistry and medicine than in other fields.

Despite the relatively low costs of studying in Turkey, the universities of this country have a very good reputation at the world level. So that out of about 200 universities in Turkey, the names of 17 universities appear in the list of the first 1000 universities in the world. Among the top universities in Turkey, we can mention the universities of Koç, Sabanci, Bilkent, Atilim, Baghazichi, Istanbul Technical University, Hajat Tepe, Middle East Technical University, and Economics and Technology University. It should be noted that many universities in this country are approved by the Iranian Ministry of Science.

sat school stands by your side in all stages of education until application and even after that.

Communication with consultants

Call for SAT test advice


Mr. Ashkan Motazadi

Example of language and math teaching for SAT course

SAT course details

Duration of the course: 3 to 3.5 months
Number of course hours: 100 hours
Course content: including language, math, mock tests and test analysis
The possibility of trial participation in the class
The possibility of paying tuition in two installments

Pre-SAT training course

Duration of the course: 3 months
Number of hours: 50 hours

Course content: simple and advanced structures and Reading Comprehension skills required for the SAT course

Frequently asked questions

Is the SAT only valid for studying in Türkiye?

no SAT is an international test that can be used for studying in Europe and especially in America.


The final score of the SAT is the sum of the scores of the language and math sections and is in the range of 400 to 1600

Although this score is different for admission to different universities, it can be said that obtaining at least 1400 is necessary for this purpose

The SAT General test generally includes "language" and "math" sections that evaluate language, logic and reasoning skills, while the subject test for each field includes specialized questions of that field and the specialized knowledge of individuals. measures

General SAT test

In short, the content of both is almost the same, but the form of the questions, especially in the language section, has undergone changes, such as: merging the Reading and Writing sections, shortening the texts in the Reading questions, and reducing the number of questions and the response time in both sections of the test.

no International candidates can only take the digital test