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Membership in Set School Club

You, the dear contacts of SAT School, can be the first to know about the latest events, educational materials and discounts of the collection by completing the face-to-face form, as members of the SAT School Club!

The idea of studying in prestigious universities abroad, especially in Turkey and America, is the main motivation of our children's efforts to get a good score in the SAT and YOS exams. Therefore, in order to realize this idea and play an effective role in the efforts of its students, SAT School will not leave them alone in this path. Contact us in order to benefit from study services in America, Canada, Europe or Turkey and receive free advice


Karaj, the intersection of Nevut Blvd. and Motahari Rose Building

Address of the student sending institution:

Tehran, Pasdaran, Gol Nabi St., North Natiq Nouri St., next to the Institute of Nations